Proposing an education programme on democratic reform issues in areas where there was no progressive alliance in 2017


Please amend this model motion to suit your union. 

You may wish to consider including other democratic reform issues such as votes at 16 and 17, an elected second Chamber, increasing under-represented groups in Parliament, overhauling voter registration and drawing boundaries on the basis of the total population of eligible voters – rather than just those who are already signed up.


That [INSERT UNION] supports the Labour Party and sees a Labour Government as the best route to achieving positive change for working people.

[INSERT UNION] recognises that FPTP was previously supported as the most likely voting system to deliver a Labour Government and avoid coalitions; however, politics is changing and the outcomes of elections are less predictable than ever before.

The past one hundred years has seen far too many decades lost to hard right Tory Government, when a majority of the country did not vote for  majority Tory rule.

Workers need a voting system in which every vote is equal, and every vote counts the same. It’s time that we abolished a system set up by the establishment to benefit the establishment, and replaced it with a system in which every worker’s vote has equal worth and equal power.

Trade Unions were set up to fight for equality in the workplace, but also to fight for equality and social justice in every aspect of our country – its now time to renew that fight, and ensure that every worker has a voice that is counted the same.

[INSERT UNION] recognises that the loss of Labour’s majority in Scotland and potential boundary changes make it harder for Labour to win a GE and form a government under FPTP. Also that FPTP has delivered two coalition governments this century, previously thought avoidable through a FPTP electoral system.

[INSERT BRANCH] calls on [INSERT UNION] to deliver an education and information campaign for its members on electoral reform that enables them to understand the different electoral systems, their impact on the wider political landscape so that members can take an informed view of democratic reform issues and feel confident when discussing and debating the issue.

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