Politics for the Many is the trade union campaign for political reform. If you are involved in a trade union, join us.

We believe change comes through people joining together – in unions, in parties, in campaigns – to say ‘enough is enough’.

Trade Unionist Steering Group

Chair of Politics for the Many

Lynn Hendeson

Lynn Henderson

PCS – Scotland

Politics for the Many Co-ordinator

Nancy Platts - Co-ordinator P4M

Nancy Platts



Julian Vaughan

Julian Vaughan

ASLEF – East of England

Howard Kaye

Howard Kaye

ASLEF – South East


George Atwall - BFAWU - Midlands

George Atwall

BFAWU – Midlands

Lewis Baker

BFAWU and Unite – London and the South East


Ed Baldwin

CWU – South East

Lenny Crook

CWU – North West

Steve Phillips

CWU – Eastern


Danny Abrahams

FBU – London


Keiran O’Neill

GMB – Scotland

Surrinder Chera - GMB - South East

Surrinder Chera

GMB – Southern

Pancho Lewis

GMB – London

Pablo John

GMB – London

Pushpa Makwana

GMB – London

James Sheward

GMB and Unite – London


Declan O’Neill

NEU – North West


Darren Williams

PCS – Wales


Mick Carney - TSSA - North East

Mick Carney

TSSA – North East


James Beckles

James Beckles

Unison – London

Philip Lewis

Unison and Unite Community – London

Politics for the Many

Michelle Lincoln

Unison – South East

Martin Bentley

Unison – Wales

Gabriela Houlgraves

Unison – South East

Manuel Bueno

Unison – South West

Jason Crocker

Unison – South West

Jess Carrington

Unison – Eastern


Julie Ward

Unite – North East

Jane Speller

Jane Speller

Unite – Yorks & Humber

Claire Billinger

Unite – Yorks & Humber

Stuart Hill

Unite Community – North East

Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform

Billy Hayes LCER

Billy Hayes

Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform (and Unite member)

Labour for a New Democracy

Caroline Osborne

Trade Union Officer – Labour for a New Democracy (and Unite member)

Make Votes Matter

Alberto Smith

Make Votes Matter (and Unite member)

Unlock Democracy

Shaun Roberts

Unlock Democracy

Politics for the Many

The work of Politics for the Many is supported by the Electoral Reform Society.

For more information about the campaign for democratic reform check out

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