Download a sample motion to submit to your local branch.

  • Trade Union Motion
    There is evidence from academic research that First Past the Post has a right wing bias wherever it is used, leading to parliaments and governments that are on average significantly more right wing than the voters.
  • Labour Party Motion
    The First Past the Post (FPTP) voting system is a barrier to progressive change, repeatedly returning extreme Tory governments against the wishes of most voters. In 19 of the last 20 general elections parties to the left of the Conservatives won the popular vote yet the Tories have governed for two-thirds of that time.

How to submit a motion

Each union will have a different process for submitting a motion. We’ve collected many of the processes here, but please do check with your union.

ASLEF supports PR, with its 2021 Conference delegates voting in favour – calling for PR to be a flagship policy of next Labour manifesto.

TSSA supports is in favour of PR.
cwu logo
CWU has no current policy on electoral reform. However, members are calling for debate at this year’s annual Conference. Add your branch to the debate by tabling our motion.

CWU Rulebook

FBU supports electoral reform.
GMB currently has policy in favour of FPTP. Please table our motion calling for a consultation of members.

Democracy GMB
Get Involved at GMB Congress

USDAW has not yet had an opportunity to debate electoral reform. Table our motion to send that debate all the way to Annual Delegates Meeting.

USDAW Members ADM Guide
USDAW Resource Sheet
Usdaw Annual Delegate Meeting

Unite has policy against FPTP. Its 2021 Conference voted to begin an educational programme and support moves to replace FPTP with a new voting system.

Unite Rule Book

Unison members are calling for discussion of PR at this year’s annual Conference. Add your branch to those voices by tabling our motion.

Special Delegate Conference standing orders
Unison June Special Conference

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