June 9, 2023

Keir Starmer’s GMB Speech: A Strong Commitment to Working People, but What About Electoral Reform?

Keir Starmer
Credit: Rwendland, Wikimedia - taken in 2020

In his recent speech at the GMB conference, Keir Starmer mentioned the words “working people” 22 times – pledging to put the fight for working people as Labour’s “driving purpose”. He highlighted Labour’s commitment to serving the interests of working people and expressed his desire to make the Labour Party the natural home for them. However, one crucial aspect that …

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March 3, 2023

Why Trade Unionists Should Support Proportional Representation

Trade Union Banner March through Norwich
Credit: Roger Blackwell, Flickr

Trade unions are essential for advancing social and economic justice and defending the rights of workers. However, the voices and experiences of trade union members are not adequately represented by the current Westminster system. The prevalence of “safe seats” in Parliament means that MPs may retain their seats for decades, which discourages public participation and reduces the diversity of candidates …

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