200 years ago, thousands of working people gathered on St Peter’s Field in Manchester with a simple demand: political representation.

Local magistrates tried to shut down the meeting – the cavalry charged on the 60-80,000 present – and many lost their lives. While it did not result in immediate enfranchisement, it was a pivotal moment in Britain’s democratic history.

Democracy is not static. It must be defended, remade, built on each generation. 200 years on from the Peterloo Massacre, it’s time to revive the campaign for a real democracy.

The struggle for a better democracy must continue today. Speakers at the bicentenary conference will make a progressive case for building a new democratic settlement.

Hundreds of activists will be joined by trade unionists, academics, writers and public figures. The event hopes to set out a vision for a new democracy campaign today.

“Working people have been at the forefront fighting for progressive change throughout our history. Now it’s time for us to build on our legacy and create a politics for the many today.”

If you want to build a better democracy, this conference is one not to miss.

Confirmed speakers so far include:

  • Paul Mason, writer and commentator
  • Dawn Foster, Guardian and Tribune Columnist
  • Dave Ward, Communication Workers’ Union General Secretary
  • James Meadway (Former Chief Economic Advisor to John McDonnell)
  • Hillary Wainwright, Editor, Red Pepper
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