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Conservatives set to net over 260 seats in May’s local elections without a single vote being cast

Statement from Politics for the Many, 19th April, 2019: Conservative candidates are set to walk away with 267 seats before voters get to the polls in May due to uncontested ‘elections’ according to new analysis by the Electoral Reform Society. The research published found this figure compares to just 17 guaranteed seats for Labour, the Lib Dems 11 and independent …


Report from Politics for the Many at Scottish Labour Conference

Scottish Labour delegates packed into a fringe event on democratic reform on the weekend, co-sponsored by Unison Labour Link, the Red Paper Collective and Politics for the Many.


Labour conference: Corbyn’s former union adviser and Jon Trickett to debate ‘radical agenda for democracy’

Jeremy Corbyn’s former trade union adviser will call for Labour to embrace an overhaul of Westminster to give ‘power to the many’, at Momentum’s ‘The World Transformed’ Conference on Sunday.


STUC: Trade unionists to demand reform of Westminster’s ‘rigged’ voting system

Trade unionists have thrown down a challenge to Westminster’s political set-up, as leading activists launch a new report setting out the need for change.


Trade unionists launch challenge for Labour to back democratic reform

Trade unionists seeking ‘root and branch reform’ of British politics have joined forces in a bid to bring about democratic change. 

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