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Labour conference: Corbyn’s former union adviser and Jon Trickett to debate ‘radical agenda for democracy’

Electoral Reform Society & Politics for the Many at The World Transformed, Liverpool. Sunday 23rd September – 13:00-14:30 – Black-E Main Space Spokespeople are available for comment and interview on request – contact [email protected] or 07717211630 Event page: Add to your calendar here Jeremy Corbyn’s former trade union adviser will call for Labour to embrace an overhaul of Westminster …


STUC: Trade unionists to demand reform of Westminster’s ‘rigged’ voting system

Campaigners pile pressure on Labour to back shake-up – after STUC drops opposition to electoral reform. Statement from Politics for the Many and the Electoral Reform Society. Spokespeople are available for interview. For more information, contact [email protected] or 07717211630. ‘Politics for the Many: The Trade Union Case for Political Reform’ available to read here: Trade unionists have thrown down …


Trade unionists launch challenge for Labour to back democratic reform

Statement from Politics for the Many for immediate release, 26th February 2018. Trade unionists seeking ‘root and branch reform’ of British politics have joined forces in a bid to bring about democratic change.  ‘Politics for the Many’ will campaign for measures including an elected House of Lords, a fair voting system where seats match votes, and extending the franchise to 16 and …

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