May 9, 2023

How would proportional representation protect trade union rights?

NEU UCU PCS RMT ASLEF protest in Norwich
Credit: Roger Blackwell, Flickr

The trade union movement has always led demands for greater democracy, empowering working people and communities, and offering a different vision of society. Today, that demand for greater democracy is vital and urgent.  The powerful levers of the state are being used to undo rights and freedoms, give jobs and contracts to cronies, and attack minorities. We need to rewire the …

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March 3, 2023

Why Trade Unionists Should Support Proportional Representation

Trade Union Banner March through Norwich
Credit: Roger Blackwell, Flickr

Trade unions are essential for advancing social and economic justice and defending the rights of workers. However, the voices and experiences of trade union members are not adequately represented by the current Westminster system. The prevalence of “safe seats” in Parliament means that MPs may retain their seats for decades, which discourages public participation and reduces the diversity of candidates …

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August 10, 2022

First Past the Post favours the Tories and works against Labour – That’s why it’s the Tories’ favourite voting system

Polling Station Sign, ERS
Credit: PFTM,

Whether it’s lies over Partygate or handing out covid contracts to supporters and allies or Boris Johnson’s plans to stuff the Lords with new peers in his final weeks in office, this government are never embarrassed by their own failure to understand the foundations of a good democracy.  Trust, transparency, fairness and accountability – this is what people look for …

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