January 30, 2023

As ministers continue their attack on working people our broken system means MPs can continue to play by their own rules

Picture of union members marching
Credit: A Festival of Left Ideas,

The government’s Strike (Minimum Service Levels) Bill is “a full-frontal attack on working people and the trade unions they organise within.” say Unison in an article ‘Three things you need to know about the anti-strike bill.’ Since 1980, there have been no less than fourteen employment and trade union acts, restricting and then to a degree, clawing back trade union …

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June 17, 2022

UNISON just passed a motion in support of proportional representation

UNISON conference
Credit: Caroline Osborne., L4ND

Delegates at UNISON’s National Delegate Conference have just backed a motion calling on the UK’s biggest union to ‘reject First Past the Post’ and for the adoption of PR for UK general elections. The vote, which saw an overwhelming majority of delegates back the motion, marks a significant moment for the Labour movement, as Unite the Union, the UK’s second …

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Unison Conference – Visit our stall

Trade Unionists for Political Reform
Credit: PFTM,

Politics for the Many is the trade union campaign for political reform. Labour for a New Democracy is the coalition to secure a Labour commitment to Proportional Representation for UK general elections. To build an economy and society that works for all means overhauling the warped electoral system at Westminster that silences millions of working people. Come and visit our …

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