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Briefing: Elections, parties and the case for renewing democracy – The Democracy Network

June 1 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Democracy Network
Credit: Democracy Network,

A protest against democratic politics has been mounting for decades and is gathering steam. It can be seen in the form of ‘silent’ and ‘noisy’ protests across advanced democracies. Mainstream political parties are failing to respond to the protest against democratic politics. This can be seen in their electoral decline, yet centre-left and centre-right parties have shifted their policy positions in response to the right populist challenge, most obviously on immigration. But it is a not a strategy that is reaping electoral dividends and may only to strengthen their populist challengers. Instead, mainstream parties should seek to address the causes of the protest.

There is an urgent need to address the causes of the protest against democracy. A progressive response to declining status and lack of voice necessarily involve reforms that put citizens back at the centre of democracy.

This briefing emphasises and unpacks the idea that parties committed to democratic values should put ‘giving back control’ at the heart of their electoral strategy and their agenda for government.

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