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Scrapping the system that keeps the Tories in power – Online rally followed by expert Q&A

June 9 6:30 pm - 7:45 pm

Scrapping the System that keeps the Tories in Power
Credit: PFTM,

Voters should be able to kick out those who vote on our laws. As the late Tony Benn said, the question we must ask of powerful figures is: “How can we get rid of you?”

First Past the Post works to the Tories’ advantage. Their votes are more ‘efficient’ in transferring to seats which means that come election day even if Labour and the Tories are neck and neck when the ballots are counted the Tories would end up on top. It took on average 38,264 votes to elect a Tory MP in 2019, but for Labour, that same figure was over 50,000.

Featuring trade unionists, MPs and campaigners for a fair voting system, we’ll be discussing how First Past the Post means a minority of the country choose the government again and again.

Chair: Lynn Henderson, Chair of Politics for the Many

Speakers include:

  • Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP
  • Clive Lewis MP
  • Sam Tarry MP
  • Rachael Maskell MP
  • Aileen McLoughlin, Unison SW rep on National Labour Link Committee
  • Cllr James Beckles, Unison member
  • Stephen Smellie, Unison NEC (in a personal capacity)
  • Caroline Osborne, Labour for a New Democracy
  • Darren Williams, PCS National Officer
  • Julie Ward, Vice Chair LCER & former Labour MEP

Expert Q&A with:

  • Jessica Garland, Electoral Reform Society
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June 9
6:30 pm - 7:45 pm


Politics for the Many