To secure a politics for the many and not the few, we need an overhaul of Westminster’s broken political system.

From an unelected Lords to London-dominated institutions, the UK’s undemocratic constitution is stacked against working people.

Long-lasting change is needed to ensure lasting economic and social justice for the whole of the country.

Labour and the vast majority of voters want to see Westminster’s elite-dominated politics overhauled to work in the interests of working people (BMG Research, September 2018).

Yet we have an unelected House of Lords that behaves more like a private members’ club than the revising chamber we need.

If power continues to be hoarded by an unelected Westminster elite we cannot advance the goals of a radical Labour government to deliver vital social and economic change across the UK.

Now, 200 years after the Peterloo massacre and the Chartists’ proud fight for real democracy – we must carry on that unfinished struggle today.

This conference agrees that:

  • The House of Lords must be abolished and replaced with a fairly-elected Senate of the Nations and Regions, to strengthen the voice of all parts of the United Kingdom and give us a revising chamber for the people.
  • A constitutional convention to look at wider reform of our state and politics to make it fit for the 21st century and to ensure that the people have a say in the way they are governed.
  • These must be done as a priority to ensure the gains of a progressive government can last.
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