This union believes that for politics to favour the many and not the few, our democracy is in urgent need of reform.  

Reform is essential for delivering economic and social justice and addressing growing regional inequalities across the UK.

We recognise that the state, its institutions and how we regulate society have been captured by big corporations and a small elite group of people based mainly in London.  They do not act in the interests of working people and the trade unions who represent them.

At the heart of our democracy should sit the sovereignty of the people and rights of citizens. Instead, we have an unelected House of Lords that is outdated, unrepresentative and increasingly irrelevant.

If power continues to be hoarded at Westminster we cannot achieve social and economic change and advance the goals of trade unions and working people across all parts of the UK.

We are in a democratic crisis and reform is an urgent priority.

This union supports:

  • The need to make democratic reform a priority to achieve lasting change for working people
  • The abolition of the House of Lords to be replaced with a Senate of the Nations and Regions to strengthen the voice of all parts of the United Kingdom. The Senate should provide a place for cross-border working, issue resolution and collaboration as well as acting as a revising chamber for UK legislation.  
  • An English Constitutional Convention that allows citizens to choose what they want for their communities and have a say in their own governing arrangements to continue the UK’s process of devolution.
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