The New Foundations
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Politics for the Many

“My vote won’t make a difference”. How many times have you heard this? This week we saw new research suggesting this feeling is the number one reason why people aren’t planning on voting this May.  

The sad fact is, it’s hard to blame people. Democracy in Britain is pale imitation of the real thing. Westminster isn’t working – and it’s warping our economy. 

But it needs more than ‘repairing’. It needs a total overhaul in favour of the many.  

From the Chartists pushing for universal suffrage, to the Scottish TUC’s role campaigning for a Scottish Parliament, trade unions have often been at the forefront of demands for a democracy that puts working people at the centre. 

Today, we need to revive that fight. The UK has to ‘change to survive’, Keir Starmer said this week. He’s right – but Labour and the trade union movement needs a vision for how this could happen. 

The British state has barely changed in a century. The result is that millions feel powerless and voiceless – in their communities and in their workplaces. 

Now in the 21st Century it is once again time for the labour movement to step up and address the challenges we face today – from the economy, the environment, and the crisis of devolution. All this is underpinned by an elitist, centralised political system at Westminster. 

Delivering a politics for the many 

Politics for the Many is bringing trade unionists from across the Labour movement together to campaign for real democratic change. From proportional representation in Westminster, to overhauling the unelected Lords, we need real political reform. 

On the 21st March, Politics for the Many and Open Labour launch The New Foundations – a new book helping to set out a blueprint for real democracy.  

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To drag Britain’s broken constitution into the 21st century, we need fresh thinking. 

The New Foundations, edited by writer and researcher Christine Berry, contains important contributions to the debates on these issues from thinkers including: 

  • James Meadway 
  • Jess Garland and Willie Sullivan 
  • Christine Berry 
  • Sandy Martin 
  • Safiah Fardin
  • Maya Goodfellow 
  • Laurie Macfarlane
  • Declan McLean

This book seeks to flesh out a bold response to the UK’s democratic crisis for the left – setting out vital ideas to give everyone a stronger stake in political life. 

Remaking the state is not a ‘nice to have’ – it’s impossible to move forward without it.  

Join the launch of the New Foundations 

We’ll be launching The New Foundations at Open Labour Conference on the 21 March with a panel discussion between Jessica Garland, Christine Berry and Maya Goodfellow. 

The event is free to attend for those with tickets to the conference and as a supporter of Politics for the Many, you can use the discount code OLpartner21Get tickets here.

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